Glasses that Block Blue Light


For years, my doctors said that glasses wouldn’t do much for me, since the problem is not in the lenses of my eyes but the retinas.  

It was only a few months ago, when I saw a new doctor as part of a preliminary test for a clinical trial, that I tried out a pair of reading glasses. They have a blue tint that helps minimize screen glare. 

The glasses took some getting used to, but, for me, they help a lot. The magnification keeps me from having to plant my face so close to the computer screen, and the tint helps with eye fatigue and also sharpens the text—no small thing when you’ve got ‘fuzzy’ central vision. I like to use the maximum brightness on all my devices, so the blue tint has made a big difference in eye fatigue. . 

The pair I’m using are these by Polinelli. The frames are pretty small so they work well on my face. They come in different magnification strengths, but, after buying one pair at my doctor’s office, I knew the magnification level to buy and found another pair on eBay for under $20. 

 While I recognize that glasses like these won’t work for everyone, it might be worth asking about glasses at your doctor’s office. I had gone over seven years thinking lenses wouldn’t help me, and now I’m using my glasses whenever I use my computer. 

Have you tried tinted glasses or reading glasses? Any luck with them? I’d be interested to hear. 

Top image source: Smarter Living.